Monday, September 13, 2021

Hannah and independent living!

I have known Hannah and mum Jo for about 17 years,  Jo runs PROUD a support group for families with children who have Down Syndrome in Walsall.  Hannah has 2 younger sisters and Jo has fought for every possible provision for Hannah over her life. 

But its true to say that independent living had not been in Jo's mind for Hannah. She always told me that she hoped Hannah's sisters would care for Hannah.  Hannah has cerebral palsy and juvenile arthritis (she often needs a wheelchair) and uses makaton and pecs to communicate as she is pre-verbal. 

So this photo of Hannah leaving home show a 360 degree turnaround in Jo's thinking! 

Hannah has just moved into a beautiful home with 5 other young people and is now attending college and learning life skills. 

She will have 24/7 support and already Jo has received regular messages from the staff showing Hannah having a great time!

Her mum Jo and I hope that seeing Hannah's story encourages other families to make this step.

Have fun Hannah!

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